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A Fourth Impression of Kamepao, 7/30/99

Today's activities included preparations for the first day of camp. The positions of the shelters were decided, materials for the next day's activities were cut and organized. Outdoors and indoors were cleaned. Two more Kamepao members came, to make a total of 6 this time around, not including the parents who have signed up for certain hours during the day to assist.

Tomorrow morning the camp begins. The following is a schedule of the activities.

Agora Art Works for Children, 1999 Summer Camp Time Schedule

July 31, August 1
8:00am Staff preparations
9:00am 1. camp meeting
2. explanation of the camp contents
9:50am Group explanation of how to make chairs and "muvila" (musical instrument like a finger piano). Beforehand the children are divided into two groups, those that will make chairs and those that will make musical instruments. The children who attended last summer made chairs, so the new students this year will make chairs while the return students will make musical instruments.
1. Muvila:
Most of the materials used to make the instrument have been precut. First the children are divided into two groups - those that will begin making the metal keys and those that will begin making the wooden base.

a. Metal keys:
the children will gather the precut pieces of metal and brass and form them into keys. They pound the different length metal pieces to make keys with different sounds, then form the brass into a fret which supports the keys. Brass wire is then used to secure them in place.

b. Wooden base:
the children will gather the precut pieces of wood - one rectangular piece, 2 15cm border pieces, and a 10cm key support piece.

* After the children finish the first phase of the project, they will move to the second.

2. Chairs:
The children will gather the precut pieces of wood: 2 pieces at 90cm, 2 pieces at 89cm, 4 pieces at 1m, and a 40cm x 30cm rectangle, and begin assembling and customizing their chairs.

10:00am Using various tools, hammers, saws, sandpaper, glue, nails, etc., the children begin their projects.
11:50am Morning work comes to a close. Begin cleaning up for lunch.
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Afternoon work begins.
The children continue making their instruments and chairs. When they finish their projects they help the others with theirs.
3:00pm Afternoon work comes to a close, and they begin cleaning up.
3:10pm Break
3:30pm Children go for a walk (catching insects, crabs, and/or anything they can find. Since they are in season, Cicada will be a likely target)
Some of the staff and the assisting parents stay to clean up for the rest of the day's activities.
4:30pm Return from walk for a watermelon snack.
From now until dinnertime, the children have free time. They will also take turns taking showers. One activity for them is to make paper placemats for dinner.
The parents present and staff will help with showers and begin preparing dinner.
6:20pm Set table
6:30pm Dinner
7:15pm Clean up, wash dishes, wipe tables, wrap left overs, etc.
7:30pm Treasure hunt (candy, bubble soap)
Play outdoors: activities include using fishing poles with Christmas tree-like lights attached to them, nighttime bubble blowing, fireworks (to be lit by using candle-like burners made from cut bamboo. Buckets of water will also be gathered to extinguish the burners), and, if there is time, watching 8mm animation, and slides that the children produced earlier.
8:30pm Set up mosquito net, move tables outside to prepare for indoor activities and bed.
8:45pm Construct screen for indoor slide and 8mm film projections
9:20pm Get ready for bed
9:45pm Bedtime

August 1st and 2nd
6:30am Wake up time.
Pack up sleeping bags, and clean up floor, bring tables and chairs inside and arrange for breakfast.
7:00am Prepare for breakfast
7:30am Breakfast
8:20am Breakfast clean up, pack up to go home
9:00am Parents pick up children

Let the activities begin.
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